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Something you should know about wildrye

A clump of grass stands tall out on the range. Its myriad stems rattle and sway together in the wind.

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3/05 Science Fair

  • Posted by Carolyn Prescott

I spent a day at the Hamilton Middle School judging the 7th and 8th grade students’ science projects.  We had a posse of judges, but we were still no match for the volume of projects that we held up against our rubric.  There was a mixed bag earth science…

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2/25 The Offensive: Battling Invasive Species in the Rockies

  • Posted by Kyle R. Martens

If you toss out the term alien invasion in Montana, you’re likely to be met with a few cocked-eyed stares. Once determined you didn’t mean Sasquatch or little green men hovering about in the sky, they’d probably go about their business. But what would happen…