Northern Rockies

Housing & Transportation

Finding a place to live during your term of service can seem overwhelming. More often than not, you’re looking for a place without being physically able to view it yourself. Our staff is here to support you but we ask that first you thoroughly research the property and who manages it. Another recommendation is to decide what you need in a living situation. Leaders and members will often cram into house disregarding their needs of personal space. Living together can solidify relationships with other members or it may cause an undesired rift. That being said, talk to people you’re thinking about rooming with. You should be able to determine fairly quickly if it will work for you. There are several communities within 30 minutes of Kalispell (Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Big Fork, Somers, and Lakeside). A reminder, our office is at located at 1203 Hwy 2 West in Kalispell. 

Getting Here

Plane: Wherever you come from, the closest place to Kalispell where you can land in a plane is Glacier Park International Airport, which flies airlines such as Delta/Northwest Air Lines, US Airways Express, Big Sky Airlines and Horizon Airlines. The Missoula airport is a little more than two hours away, and sometimes prices are more reasonable.
Train: Amtrak runs a train through Whitefish, which is 15 miles north of Kalispell, basically every day. Definitely scope out and see about tickets. The train runs throughout the country, east, west, north and south.
Bus: Greyhound runs daily throughout the country and has a stop in Kalispell.
: You can also drive your car, perhaps teaming up with a fellow Corps Member for the haul. Directions are pretty clear to anyone with an atlas, but please call with specific questions.


Local newspapers: 

Income-based housing:

Property management companies:
All Pro Flathead Property Management (Kalispell): 
Whitefish Property Management (Whitefish): 6-9 month leases are occasionally available. Call 406-863-4651
The Landlord (Whitefish and Kalispell):
CoRental (Kalispell): 6-9 month leases are available 
Ibex Properties (Kalispell): Call 406-863-2985
Above and Beyond Property Management (Kalispell):
Five Star Rentals (Whitefish):
Gateway Village Apartments (Kalispell): Call 406-257-9057
Western Mountains Property Management (Kalispell)
Spring Creek Apartments (Kalispell): Call 406-755-4016
Integrity Property Management (Kalispell):

Temporary Housing Options:
Spruce Park on the River: camping on the Flathead River about 4.5 miles from the office
Whitefish KOA: camping about 10.5 miles from the office
Ashley Lake Campgrounds: camping at a Forest Service campground about 13 miles from the office. Ashley Lake has 3 campgrounds: NorthBoat, and South. These sites don't officially open until Memorial day but you should call Tally Lake Ranger District if you are interested (406) 758-5204.
West Shore State Park: camping on Flathead Lake about 21 miles from the office
Whitefish Lake State Park: camping on Whitefish Lake about 17 miles from the office


Kalispell is a small enough town where you can walk to banks and grocery stores if you get a place that is centrally located. Keep in mind you need to get yourself to the office; from there we provide transportation to and from worksites. There is public transportation but it doesn’t run as frequently as you may need. Bikes are another good transportation option.