Clowning with the Libby YCC Crew

Makin That Green- YCC

  • August 14, 2015
  • Posted by Alec MacCallum- Leader

This post will not be focused on a story per se, but more of a consideration of the YCC and MCC crews’ ideas on money.

Star Meadows Guard Station Overhaul

Redefining Ourselves; Flathead YCC

  • August 14, 2015
  • Posted by Nick Daly

Each member proved that they are capable of defining the world for themselves instead of being defined by it. They were painting silhouettes of hand tools. Perhaps they were catching glimpses of their future selves.

Being a Corps Member

  • August 04, 2015
  • Posted by Kyle Brine

I’m going to be totally honest with you. The entire purpose of this blog entry is to convince you to apply for a corps member position with Montana Conservation Corps. [...] This blog entry isn’t propaganda. No one told me to say this stuff – they just asked me to write a blog post. All I’m doing is sharing my perspective. I hope you’ll take it under consideration.

Group Shot; Goofy Face!

YCC- July

  • August 03, 2015
  • Posted by Lia Hardy

As summer progressed, the crew became familiar with the routine yet each day had its new challenges and rewards

Group Photo at Iceberg Lake, GNP.

Utah Bound

  • August 03, 2015
  • Posted by Elizabeth "Scottie" Meinke

We loaded up our trusty rig
with shovels, and picks we were ready to dig


  • July 24, 2015
  • Posted by MATT PFAFF

My idea of what the National Bison Range meant to me has changed.

Group Selfie!

What Every Crew Needs On Hitch

  • July 22, 2015
  • Posted by Amanda Aldridge

After eating lunch and filling out our crew contract we decided it was appropriate for all of us to get a picture.

Question was, how were we all going to be in it?

Last Text I received from Bridget

Bridget’s Absence

  • July 16, 2015
  • Posted by Anthony Russo

This month was a turning point for our historic preservation crew. On July 1st we were informed that we lost one of our own members, Bridget Perison, due to injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accident. Any loss is hard to bear, and her absence has not gone unnoticed for a moment.

Playground maintenace

A week in the life of the Groovy Crew!

  • July 13, 2015
  • Posted by Youth Crew Members from Central Divide

“This week we learned about how asking for help is useful and how for some people it takes a lot of courage to do. Being able to ask for help is a gigantic mental step that is very hard to overcome.”

South Hills Fuels

  • July 02, 2015
  • Posted by Coen Anaya and Matt Schumaker

.....As you spend long days on the same mountain side, you start to become one with the mountain. You appreciate all the simple joys and treasures it has to offer such as all the beautiful types of trees, mosses, and flowers…..

It’s Been a Month and Change

  • June 27, 2015
  • Posted by Levi Ballard

Our presumably unbiased leaders think our crew is the best and they have similar feelings about our schedule.  If they keep going with these “bests” I may begin to doubt, but for now I have no reason to do so.

Pounding Rebar

Week One

  • June 16, 2015
  • Posted by Merlin Kelley

Together we did things we could not accomplish alone…

Tools for the Toolbox: The Tidwells

  • June 01, 2015
  • Posted by MCC

“All of the sudden he started givin’ me the chicken eye.”

To someone outside of MCC, that statement seems like the sort of one-liner that were passed down from dust-covered ranch hands corralled around a late night campfire.

Welcome to Physics, Welcome to Montana

  • May 14, 2015
  • Posted by Carolyn Prescott

I spent a day at the Hamilton Middle School judging the 7th and 8th grade students’ science projects.

A Trail Full of Beautiful Failures

  • April 01, 2015
  • Posted by Mallory Scharf

...because to fail is to learn.

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