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96 Ounces of Pasta!?

  • November 16, 2015
  • Posted by Amanda Aldridge, Crewmember

Yes, that is the typical amount of food my crew of seven eats on an average night. Prior to coming out to Montana from the Midwest I had small expectations of what I was going to eat. We would be, after all, camping in the woods with limited supplies. My crew wasted no time in setting high expectations for our eating habits. For example, early on in our season we all decided that desserts were necessary for every night on hitch. We have also adopted the idea of “there’s no such thing as too much.” If you only needed half a box of rice for your meal, you never put it back in the rig to get lost or spilled. Instead you double your recipe and use it all-because in the end it gets eaten anyway. There is also no such thing as leftovers in the woods, so sometimes you have to eat six burritos and take one for the team- or if you’re anything like my crew- that is just a normal amount for you.

Not only is the amount of food I’ve been consuming on hitch exceeding my expectations but what we are consuming is more than anything I ever thought possible. Thai noodles in peanut sauce, burritos with all the fixings, chicken bowls, homemade pizzas, and sushi. Yes, I said sushi.

But what happens to my eating habits after I leave the intense trail work? I’ve been warned that after the season you consume the same amount of food out of habit. Only thing different is you aren’t burning thousands of calories a day. Whelp- I guess I better start applying to come back next year.


Being an NCC crew member, I know there is always someone who will polish off left overs. Food is never as good as on hitch!!

Posted by Yatteau at December 08 2015

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