A poem inspired by last hitch

  • September 08, 2014
  • Posted by Ben Michel

This was a time not to be swayed by others. 

This was a time not to sway others, either.

I thought we had an agreement

to let each other search, in solitude,
for our souls.

I liked how often nobody talked. 

It was uncomfortable,

And it scared me into letting a bit of my soul poke out into my mind. 

When it was there, I was
comfortable with it. 

I examined, turned it over and over,
put it through the washing machine

I ruminated it.

I knew it would eventually pop back down to where it goes.

I don’t know where it goes. 

I probably love all of you
in some way or another

and I’m glad to have seen the last sunset with one of you. 

And to have climbed a mountain with all of you


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