The trail after it was brushed with the Gold Crew The trail after it was brushed with the Gold Crew

A Sense of Accomplishment

  • June 15, 2017
  • Posted by Kara Nosal

Think back to the last time you felt a sense of accomplishment. What did it take to make you feel this way? Maybe you got the crust of a cherry pie just right, hit the high note in a song, or ran a 6 minute mile. Maybe you cleared a trail of brush to make it safe for hikers, like me. This hitch, we worked hard, and in the end, felt a great sense of accomplishment.

In Idaho, we hiked a mountain called The Nub every morning. It was two miles of very steep trail and with our packs and gear it was never easy, especially for us crew members who are just starting out at MCC. That climb was a brutal awakening to my body that is not nearly enough in shape yet! At the top, we set down our tools and gear, but our day was still difficult. Often it was so hot, we drank all our water and had to refill at the spring further up. Armed with saws, loppers, and our own two hands, we cleared and swamped our way up the mountain. Though circumstances were trying, our crew stayed positive and lighthearted.

Come Thursday afternoon, I felt a great sense of accomplishment as we hiked down. I liked identifying the spots that I helped to clear personally. The trail will be used by hikers and hunters, especially with pack animals. I’m proud that I was able to work hard in order to make their trip possible.


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