A State of Change

  • March 06, 2012
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Most places with names in this country have 4 seasons to a year, 4 independent times of weather and change. Some places only have 2, and if you go far enough north or south sometimes the season never changes. Believe it or not the former is the pace for me; I only need 2 seasonal changes called winter and summer to be happy.  Currently in Missoula M.T. we are in a time of change. A time where we see longer days, a brighter sun and perhaps if we are lucky warmer nights. These signs mark a yearly transition from a Montana winter to a Montana summer. Now I admit that I am completely biased observer. But I have seen most of the United States and I can honestly say that I whole heartedly believe that western Montana is heaven on earth. Living in this country infects you with sensitivity to nature and a wider peripheral to conservation.  It makes you want to be active and to experience what surrounds you. For some of us that has led us to the MCC and the first meeting of the 2012 crew leaders. Before we meet I’m confident that I will be part of young group of likeminded individuals that have a strong sense of environmental stewardship. People whose life experience complements my own, people who I can live and grow with. People that I can teach and learn from, using the back country of Montana as a platform to rise from. Our first excursion as a group we snow shoed 3 miles into St. Regis Lake, on the Montana Idaho border. We found ourselves in a winter wonder land that was reminiscent of the snowy Mount Crumpit from How the Grinch stole Christmas. The sights and scenes from that day provided the awe and wonder but the people provided the entertainment and helped fill the emptiness that is the wilderness. It is these people who I am looking forward to knowing better and having a great season with.
- Chris Casas, Youth Crew Leader, Western Wildlands


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