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A Work Site With A View

  • September 02, 2011
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    Aaron McCown, Corpsmember

In early August, the N.Rockies Immersion Crew hiked up Hungry Creek to begin the second half of their summer deep in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness. The project this time: a mile of retreading studded with sections of “heavy chipping, and clearing bone-dry White Bark Pine nearly 24” in diameter”.

The work has been challenging both mentally and physically, but the location offers quite the view, as it is aptly called Picture Ridge.

With their spike camp located just below tree-line, the crew has had the pleasure of commuting to work along a trail that offers a commanding view of the Swan Range, the Continental Divide and beyond. The Bear Grass and other flora have been in full bloom, the wildlife sightings spectacular (Black Bear, buck Mulies, Elk, Golden Crowned Ground Squirrel, White-Tailed Ptarmigan, and Mountain Lion). And, if that were not enough, the crew also watched fire season unfold in earnest - they sit a few miles North and, fortunately, upwind of both the Hammer Creek and Big Salmon fires. The weather has been hot, so the crew has taken to starting work before dawn and thus found themselves also immersed in the beauty of Montana’s nighttime skies.

Even as the season nears its end, morale couldn’t be higher because what’s not to like about serving in the Montana Conservation Corps up on Picture Ridge?


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