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  • January 14, 2014
  • Posted by MCC

As graduates of the Montana Conservation Corps, we value your service across the state and the surrounding region. While your term may have ended, your time with MCC is only just beginning. Together, through new opportunities like our Alumni Advisory Council (AAC), we believe we can reach even more young people across the country.

The purpose of the AAC is to provide input from an alumni perspective on how the organization can help alumni utilize their MCC experience to further their goals and foster a sense of community in order to help the organization fulfill its mission and meet specific goals.

The responsibilities of the AAC are to:

Provide input on activities and resources that will help alumni meet their post-MCC goals.
Provide input on fostering a sense of community and activities to engage with alumni and parents.
Advocate and encourage participation in MCC activities.
Plan and execute recruitment and alumni events in their local area.
Provide input from an alumni perspective on various organizational issues as needed and requested.
Regularly participate in AAC conference calls and activities.
Attend MCC meetings and events in their local area.
Advocate for philanthropy to MCC by:
​​​Sharing reasons for giving of time and resources to MCC with others.
Leading alumni involvement in philanthropy by:
Making an annual gift to the organization.
Helping craft a case to alumni for financial support.
Encourage annual giving.
Acknowledging and stewarding alumni donors by saying thank you and by sharing the impact of their gift.
Act as a sounding board for alumni activities by investing time and energy in learning about the history, role, and needs of the organization through meetings, organizational materials, trainings, and engagement in other activities.
Participating in MCC activities, such as service days, webinars, round ups, and recruitment activities as able.

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