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Along the Bull River

  • September 19, 2016
  • Posted by Avery Mickey

Along the Bull River
The sun stayed high in the blue
As the long days drifted by
Fighting through brambles
Splashing through creeks
Working in the mud

The shrubs on the banks thanked us
For we were their friends
Our protection staying long after we go
Watering and nurturing
We gave them a start

When the long days were through
The fun just began
With laughter coming from all around camp
We would unwind in the evenings
With lots of joy and good friends

The work days were long
Though we were rewarded in kind
By the view of the Bull River
Slowing meandering by
And the high Montana sky

There were many adventures
Along the way
From bighorn sheep and rain
Bats and big cedars
And lots of smiles everyday


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