It was the first few days of the month of June. With full packs and all of our gear, We rode out in our white steed, a creature large enough for seven and all of the tools and supplies that that we carried. We traveled for hours, far from home, through cities and towns, a deep mine, and a wide valley that could have been the footprint of a god. Finally, we made camp by the river of no return, and began our work the following day. Our goal was to open a passage to the North, to cut as deep into the hills as we could in the time that we had. We set out under our blue flags with the tools to face all obstacles and challenges that would deter us, and oh did they attempt to do so. I could talk for hours of the adventures that we had and the battles that we fought against the creatures of the ground, but my time is limited. I feel though that I must mention briefly the story of Becca, who encountered a great giant made of stone and defeated it in battle that will be spoken of for ages to come and that earned her the name “Rockslayer”, and of the time that I pulled the spine of a dragon out of the earth. At one point we faced an army of leaves and stems which outnumbered us many thousands to one. We sliced through them with our saws and left them dying as the dew from their leaves seeped into the dirt.
After seven days of digging, we returned home with our stories and our scars. Six days later we ventured to that road by the river again, and walked the trail that we had restored. Mules carried our supplies and became our constant companions. We made our camp in a valley around which clouds hung each morning, clinging to the walls of the mountains and sinking towards the earth as if to take a closer look at those of us who dwell upon the ground. It was the same meadow that we had found in the weeks before, except that now it was our home. We awoke each day to the sounds of bells and the grazing of the mules around our tents. In a hilltop meadow by a large rock, where the lucky visitor could see fire in the skies as the sun burst forth from the Earth like a flower in bloom at the beginning of each day, we buried our treasures in the hopes that nobody would find what we left behind. It was during this campaign that we ventured into territory that hadn’t been seen by human eyes in over three decades. Here the forest swallowed the mountainside and we had to tear through miles of overgrown plant life before we found the light again, and when we did there was much rejoicing.
We journeyed out once again on a misty morning, and the clouds met us to wave goodbye. It was a long journey out of that valley, but as we stepped over the last peak, within sight of the creature that would carry us home, a great beast made of air slithered through the valley. I watched its tail whip around a mountain just as I turned the final corner and knew that it was a good omen. We left that place with the knowledge that it wouldn’t belong before we returned for more great adventures.


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