Front country campsite at Indian Trees Campsite Front country campsite at Indian Trees Campsite

Back Country Camping Vs. Front Country Camping

  • September 10, 2015
  • Posted by Chase

Hitch 6 was one of our crews overall best hitches!  It all began with a few nights in a Forest Service cabin where we worked on the Continental Divide Trail. This cabin was paradise for the crew.  We had been in very dry, burn areas all season with little shade.  Here at the cabin, we had electricity, a wood stove, beds and so many other simple luxuries you would not think of until you spend a season in the woods.  We had to leave our little piece of paradise and move on towards our new campsite.  This one was tucked back beyond Schultz Saddle, right on the side of the CDT. Here we are miles and miles away from anything but a Forest Service road and the CDT that which only a handful of brave through hikes make it on a year.  We were all incredibly happy to be out there!  With our chainsaws, we cut out around 30 feet of trail that week, a number we were proud to announce!  At the end of the hitch, we packed up our camp on Monday morning and moved camp to a front country campsite called Indian Trees Camp Ground.  Seeing as we all just took our tents down that morning, the last thing we wanted to do was set them back up just to take them back down the following morning… We had a unanimous decision to cowboy camp that night.  While I was getting water, the girls spoke with a few other campers.  They were informed that there was a lynx spotted a few nights in a row, roaming around the campsite!  They shrugged it off as not a big deal.  The day came to an end… The night was particularly chilly so the girls decided to sleep close to one another.  The guys on my crew (including myself) all wanted to sleep away from each other!  To my regret…that was a mistake.
Later that night, around 11:00, I awoke in a half state sense of sleep.  I was screaming at the top of my lungs “Ahhhhh aggghhhhhh AHHHH! Get off of me!!!!” I felt a rustling in my sleeping bag, something banging into my leg over and over.  Being half asleep and not knowing what was happening I was terrified! Whatever was in there was freaking out as much as I was. Now im fully awake and I can grasp what is going on around me.  I hear the girls rustling around yelling towards me asking if I am okay.  Finally the found their headlamps and shined them my way. At this point, a measly squirrel, just trying to stay warm on this chilly night jumps out and runs frantically into the woods.  Immediately Raven and Ashley announce that they thought the lynx was attacking me!  Their adrenaline was running high at that thought.  Finally after all the yelling, our crew leader awoke and decided he was gonna sleep with the group.  When Willis, our last crew member realized he was by himself, he proceeded to bundle up with us!
The next morning we had a great laugh about the whole thing.  A darn squirrel spooked us enough to all sleep shoulder to shoulder sprawled out on a tarp under the stars.  After talking about it, we had an even bigger laugh that though we have been back country all week, an even such as this one occurs during our time in the front country.


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