Bear Trap Weeds

  • August 15, 2016
  • Posted by Cassie Andrews

We will never be able to un-see what we saw in Bear Trap Canyon. We were once able to take a hike through the woods, a stroll through the park, and even a nice walk through our neighborhoods without much of a thought to what surrounded us—noxious weeds.

When we first arrived, we knew that we would be spraying weeds but we didn’t quite realize what was in store. First of all, the scenery was beautiful! It made walking up a steep hill with heavy, awkwardly fitting packs of herbicide on our backs worth it. In the beginning, we struggled to identify all of what we were spraying but by the end of the second hitch, we were having competitions of who could find the tallest thistle. Inside the canyon felt like a wind tunnel but our side-ways tents with freshly bent poles definitely suffered more than us. Cooking was a challenge, but at the end of a ten hour day, we all pulled together to make it work and ended up filling our nights with s’mores, swing dancing, and lots of laughs.


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