Building Family Ties

  • July 24, 2013
  • Posted by Nick Fritz

When we got into our rig and headed out to our first hitch, I don’t think any of us knew what we were in for. Beginning new things can be difficult for everyone but, as we set up camp the reality of what we were going to be doing really set in for me. We were facing a week of long work days full of grueling physical labor. It seemed daunting and that feeling really hit home when we saw the trail we were maintaining.  It was so overgrown and washed out that I didn’t even know where it began when we started. As the week went on, we settled into a routine and started to get comfortable with the challenge ahead of us.  The sun beat down on us everyday and the only way we could keep pushing on through the sweat and dirt was to find solace in each other. We learned so much about our other crew members and became closer and closer throughout our hitch.  I started to think of Crew Red as more than a group of young adults coming together to dig, cut, and build trail.  We became a family.  We supported each other when things got difficult.  The best memory I have from our first hitch is when we were talking about finding a “sense of place.”  We all agreed that our “sense of place” wasn’t so much about our physical location as it was about who we were with.  We had a “sense of place” with each other, no matter where we were or what we were doing.  The analogy that came up was that we were like a herd of bison.  We stayed together as a family no matter where we were working. We decided to call our Crew Red family “Bison Inferno” as a combination of our “sense of place” with each other and the fact that we were working in such a hot burn area. I’m really looking forward to building that family dynamic even more and I’m so proud of the great work that Bison Inferno is doing!


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