Can You Dig It?

  • May 05, 2017
  • Posted by Caroline Perruci

Along the banks of the Yellowstone River during the chilly last week of April, the Montana Conservation Corps (MCC) Youth Crew Leaders of Greater Yellowstone spent their days planting saplings for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The crew planted over 500 Cottonwood and Willow trees for the BLM’s Miles City Field Office, in the hopes of restoring trees to the rather sparse riparian landscape. 

Although digging over 500 holes can become rather repetitive, the crew had a blast out on the project site—learning about the area’s history, admiring the land’s fossils and petrified wood, and pretending that they were characters in the novel “Holes.”  Much time was also dedicated towards whispering kind words of encouragement to the young treelings in order that they may embark on a trajectory of rich growth and good health.

When the crew wasn’t hard at work, they could be found camping, cooking, hiking, watching the sunset, stargazing, and hangin’ around the campfire at Makoshika State Park, the land of the dinosaurs.  The crew finished off the week with a delicious pot of stew, and a sleepy car-ride home (except for the Backseaters, who were too uncomfortably squished to be able to fall asleep.  Their sacrifice is appreciated by the rest of the crew).


Kudos to the young crew for working so hard to restore some greenery back to this largely sparse but extremely beautiful region. When so many young people are around, fun activities are never far behind, so I am not surprised by all the fun they had doing cooking, hiking, exploring the place, some thing well earned after so much hard work. Sacrifice of back seaters is noted and much appreciated.

Posted by Adam Sharpley at May 08 2017

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