The trail we worked on, and will be working on for several more hitches, is the Meriwether Trail located in the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness Area in the Helena National Forest. Seven years ago a forest fire devastated the area leaving charred and downed trees. About three years ago a flood further damaged the unstable area. Our main objective for the summer is to remove downed trees on or within the trail corridor, and re-tread the trail itself. The trail runs through a gulch with hills leading to high cliffs on either side. The unstable terrain, environment, and wind channels combined with the dead trees, both standing and leaning, make this section of trail extremely dangerous for the potential of falling trees, zero shade to protect from the hot sun, and enough charred, dry air to make your boogers black (haha)!

In between pulling ticks off our bodies, Blue Crew dominated downed trees with our always improving bucking and chopping skills. We worked well as a crew and enjoyed the most luxurious first hitch you could ask for! A cabin with a kitchen, outhouse, and campsite was more than we could’ve wished for, but the weather decided to jump on board as well and give us 9 days in a row of beautiful sunny weather! The days flew by without any mishaps, and we bonded over music, furbies, good food, and of course, trail work! Everyone is looking forward to our next hitch!


To arrive where you are, to get   from where you are not   You must go by a way werehin   there is no ecstasy [...]    And where you are is where you   are not.  TS Eliot and St John   of the Cross according to our   friends at Wikipedia

Posted by Josue at July 23 2014

Thank you!  This is like the results you used to post about 12 yrs ago and we love it.  Round by round with all the stats   it doesn’t get any bteetr than that.  Thank you again.

Posted by Diny at July 24 2014

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