Central Divide Youth Crew

  • July 07, 2014
  • Posted by Alice Butler


Cabin Gulch fence removal continued for it’s second + final week. Although better than Week 1, the weather was still spotty. We had more sun, but also severe rain storms as opposed to just socked-in cloudy skies. On Monday we finished hauling wire from the first 3 mile section we had been working in the previous week. We tried our best to make it all accessible by the various tracks that wind aimlessly all around these mountains. Tuesday was a good day to start on the other road + line of wire because it also began our leadership days where each of us took a turn leading the crew for a day. We continued with our routine of pulling the staples out of the posts + coiling the wire. Wednesday morning we took advantage of a unique learning opportunity, taking a behind-the-scenes tour of the logging operation led by Colin the sales manager, + Tony, a forest service employee. We saw the corridors of trees already cut along with some incredible machinery. I had always pegged loggers as a group who don’t really care about the environment, but learning from Colin + Tony really opened my eyes to how thoughtful what they do really is. The crew had an interesting discussion Wednesday at lunch regarding the Peter Singer solution to poverty + also a theoretical concerning utilitarianism. I found it thought-provoking, + fulfilling as it also served as a nice change from Bill Murray’s Avengers typical conversation of video games + Lord of the Rings. Normal work continued Thursday, but we stopped hiking out wire, rather focusing on simply getting it down + coiled. Friday, we met the end of the week + also the end of the wire. The fence ended with a natural barrier, a set of cliffs overlooking a beautiful valley. We ate lunch, feeling accomplished + eager to move on to the next job + the weekend., Our weekend spent at Fort Benton’s summer festival brought many great things. Highlights included entering + winning a sidewalk chalk contest, a spectacular fireworks show, a feminist reenactment, and a 5k. Schwangggggg.



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