Chasing Waterfalls

  • August 19, 2015
  • Posted by Samantha McKeachnie- Crew Leader

A cool pool of water can be the most rewarding sight at the end of a work day spent in the hot sun. But hark! Have ye yet felt the bitter chill of glacial runoff? Nay, sayest thou?! Too bad.

We had been lain in the rays of the hot sun, the boughs of nearby trees in sight, but out of reach. Mountain goat surveys were our task. Sitting dispersed across a meadow with the burning faces of high reaching cliffs all about us, we sherlocked the hours away.

Here! A mountain goat! Seen through a pair of binoculars, a mother goat with her young of the year in tow. And another! There yonder! A lone male goat strolling along a jagged cliff side path. Passersby looked on quizzically as we remained, eyeballs to the mountainsides, sweat beading at the brow.

And the bell tolled. The work day done. We trekked back down the mountain to gather in afternoon stretch. Once completed, the billowing blow of our rig’s air conditioning was a welcome luxury. It was a mid-nineties day. Glacier National Park had been ablaze with wildfires for three weeks, and the blistering heat waves continued on. A dip in the big waters of Lake Mcdonald awaited our tired bodies back at base camp.

Traveling up Going-To-The-Sun Road, usual chatter resumed. A game of Euchre occupied the backseats. UNTIL. An opportunity presented itself. Against all odds! Our chance had to be taken when we saw an open pull out spot along the crowded scenic highway, and a waterfall of frigid temperature fell just opposite. The crew, together, piled out of the car and gazed wildly at the plunging cascade.

How fortunate were we! Our team of bootstrap buddies took to the water’s unders, reveling in its mist. And then, the plunge! The waters overtook them, soaking them to the bone and washing away the day’s work. But only a second or two were admitted for such frivolity. The chill of this water strong, our members quickly sprouted back out from under the waterfall, satiated by its cooling effects. We then dried in the sun while scanning the surrounding catalog of massive peaks: Piegan Mountain, Heavy Runner, Reynolds Peak. Not dry at all, the crew reconvened in the rig and fared thee well, fair waterfall.

Honorable Mention: random tourist in dark sunglasses and red swimming trunks (pictured).


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