Glacier Youth Corps Service Expedition Glacier Youth Corps Service Expedition


  • August 19, 2015
  • Posted by Trever Walters- Crew Leader

Trust no one. Any word longer than six letters is liable to get you killed in a game of word assassins. Do you know how to pronounce liable? Oh, good. You’re dead. Silver lining: now you don’t have to worry about being assassinated until the next game. Did you just lose the game? I did.

The thrill of the hunt or of being pursued adds another dimension to an already exhilarating, complex, sometimes frustrating, all times rewarding day of work.

Some days, we hike 5 miles to and from our work site and do not even have enough air in our lungs to play another game of contact. Some days we rip the scourge of the Earth, spotted knapweed, from the pristine grounds of Glacier National Park, which gives us plenty of time to consider the riddles of the universe, such as: how do all numbers equal four? Or, why DID the old man get arrested for turning off a light? It also gives us time to tell our best stories.

It’s easy to stand with a group of people you’ve known for 3 days, look at your phone, and hit refresh every 5 seconds until it’s time to leave. It’s much more fun, however, to be lifted in the air by this group of strangers and passed through a maze of ropes. It’s amazing to learn just how much entertainment can be found when people have only each other’s buttons to push, games to play with one another, and each other’s singing and playing to listen to.

I am thinking of a thing. Yes, it is real. Yes, it is older than 100 years. Yes, it is alive. Well, kind of. No, it is not a tortoise. Yes, you can find it right here. Yes, the thing is connection.


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