Crewno gets after some trailside brush Crewno gets after some trailside brush

Crewno, like Uno, as in YCC Crew #1

  • August 03, 2015
  • Posted by Courtney Herbolsheimer

Throughout our summer, “Crewno” (get it, like Uno because we’re Crew #1) worked extremely hard digging trails, painting picnic tables, developing a new hatred for Vexar, and completing many projects with outstanding results. 

We worked hard, but that is not to say we didn’t have good time. Fun was a very large part of our crew dynamic, and we couldn’t have completed our projects without all of our jokes and silly times. 

One day, while working with the kids’ favorite Rec guy, Lyle, Asia started making puns out of Lyle’s name.  “Lyle all means”, she said, and that sparked a whirlwind of puns with every other Forest Service employee that had the pleasure of working with Crewno. 

Crocodlyles and alyleagators were always in the rivers during amphibian surveys, along with the infamous Samsalander when we worked with Darrek Sams.  We never wanted to be emdarrissed by our work while cleaning firepits with Darris from Rec, and always stayed out of Daveger when we built fences with Dave.

With countless inside crew jokes and many silly times, we had the best summer with our kids. Looking back on our first day interactions to now, we’ve grown as a group and gotten to know each other and learned how we all tick.  On the last day of work, our group hug said it all:  Crewno has become a family. We really are going to miss each of those crazy Eurekan kids.


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