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Dead Pigeons Fly Together

  • August 04, 2014
  • Posted by Rebecca Radtke

Hitch #3 started off with a lot of firsts. First time in backcountry, Zac’s first hitch with the crew, first time that the corps has worked with the Payette National Forest in a very long time, and the first time the crew had birthdays occur while out in Idaho. The adventure began when the crew was informed that we would have to drop off resupply to the immersion crew. As fate would have it the resupply was passed to another crew so the crew had extra time to burn. Not realizing just how long the road trip would take the crew took its time on the road. Six and a half hours and many songs by Medicine for the People later the crew made it to our destination Payette National Forest near McCall, Idaho. 
Work was great. The FPC Kevin joined up with the crew at the trailhead and hiked in with us to the work location 5 miles in. Some of the crew started digging coffins immediately while some worked in the “quarry” gathering rocks to stabilize the ground the bog bridges would eventually rest on. After the first day of work the crew set up camp which Kevin so graciously offered to build the latrine.  This latrine ended up being one of the best but also one of the worst latrines.  The best being that it was a gorgeous view on the ridge facing mountains in the distance, the worst being it was on a ridge requiring a little uphill effort and a 5 min hike to do your deed in the woods.
Anyways the first bog bridge was finished in two and a half days. Somewhere in between bridge number 1 and bridge number 2 the crew had an epiphany while doing the routine evening stretch.  While doing one of the awkward stretch moves which involved laying down, bending a person’s leg in a 90 degree angle and crossing the other leg over that said leg and levering it upward a member of the crew suggested that the move be called a dead pigeon. With this statement all crew members’ eyes widened and the official crew name was born.
After several more trips to the quarry for an excessive amount of rocks were gathered, a dead tree was fallen, and bridge number 2 was built our sponsor suggested we clear out trail and head towards the lake 5 more miles down the line.  The end result was spectacular.  The crew befriended a ten year old named Finn and the lake was amazingly breathtaking.  The mom of the boy did a nice photo shoot of the crew, recommended the crew go to a pancake house, and then it was back to camp. I failed to mention that the first birthday occurred on the awesome lake day.
The travel day back to the office was fantastic. The crew took the nice lady’s recommendation and went to the pancake house which had sourdough batter and mind-blowing coconut syrup. Delicious, I’m drooling just thinking about it. The crew made it back to the office in one piece, unloaded the tools, and made the usual stop at Sweet Peaks (more drool).  Also I failed to mention that this lovely end of hitch was a marvelous start to my birthday ;).


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