Director of AmeriCorps Visits MCC Crew

  • November 10, 2014
  • Posted by Mallory Scharf

Bill Basl, Director of AmeriCorps, stopped by last week to visit AmeriCorps members from across the country deployed to Detroit for flood relief. While the outside world might see only the interviews he gave and photos he took while at our worksite, it was his more personal visit to our residence that struck a chord with me as a Corps Member.

People do national service programs for many reasons, which may or may not include initially holding a service ethic dear to their hearts. But it’s clear to me, after a season with MCC and after listening to Bill Basl, that once you gain this ethic, it’s with you for life. Furthermore, the camaraderie between service members past and present can be immediate.

After spending his career dedicated to service initiatives, he spoke to us about the future of AmeriCorps and new avenues where young people’s service might be needed. He sought out our ideas about how to be most impactful in an ever-changing society. While no ideas came to mind on the spot, it was flattering to know that he so instantly respected us enough to seek out our impressions.

I appreciate Mr. Basl for bringing a spirit of collaboration and a belief in the worth of young people, proving that these tenets go beyond my crew, and beyond MCC, extending to those at the top steering the direction of AmeriCorps.



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