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Dream Jobs Do Exist

  • September 06, 2011
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    Liz Bassler, Corspmember

In middle school, teachers assign the task of choosing a potential future job.  “What do you want to be when you grow up?” we’re asked.  The answers come easy and are usually quite generic: a doctor, a firefighter, a butterfly. I don’t recall ever feeling astonished or taken aback by any of my peers’ responses.

Later in life we’re asked to start planning for our future careers.  We’re literally expected to figure out the rest of our lives before they’ve even begun!  This past winter, while looking for a job, I visited a popular website that asked me to choose my preferred career and listed only 100 options.  “Really, that’s it?” I scowled.  Disappointed and frustrated, I wished and hoped for something more.

This season, MCC has revealed the hidden world of incredible, interesting and fantastic jobs I knew existed somewhere!  Each hitch (the time during which our crew camps and works) has introduced me to wonderful people who continuously expand my career horizons.  Matt and David spend their summers repairing and constructing barbwire fences.  Stacey and Kerri collect wild seeds native to Glacier National Park for revegetation projects. Our team spent a day with Leslie and Rebecca as they covered an endangered tree’s (White Bark Pine) pinecones with a protective case to enable a secure growth period.
Did I mention Leslie is spending this winter on a boat in Antarctica like her current boss, Sue, has done in the past? 

Where were these jobs when I needed to pick a future?  “Career Day” in junior high school consisted of accountants and nurses.  Both admirable jobs, but neither screamed “future” for me.  Does anyone else out there know about these jobs that keep people outdoors and in the most beautiful places in our country? Working for MCC, I’ve undoubtedly seen some of the most fascinating views of my life and get this: at the same time I’m swinging an ax.  Does life get much better than that? 

Desk job?  No thanks.  Computer screen for nine hours a day?  Don’t think so.  If there’s one place I belong, it’s active and out in nature.  MCC not only helped me find my niche, but introduced me to people who do it for a living.  Dream jobs are out there!

If you’re reading this blog on the interweb, trying to decide if MCC is right for you, STOP.  Pinch yourself.  And realize that a season of life-altering experiences is only an application away. 

These past few months I’ve learned something that I’ll take with me the rest of my life:  America is for us to love, explore and respect.  I get to do it every day.


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