Earth Windows

  • December 07, 2016
  • Posted by Jessica Powers

This season for a CORE lesson I had the kids look at the forest through their own Earth Windows. We all spread out and found nice mossy patches to rest our backs on as we became one with the forest floor. What we saw above us and in our peripheral vision is what creates our own personal Earth Window. I encouraged the kids to pretend to be a tree or a bug or even just the soil as they lay still listening, smelling, and seeing everything in their window. I encouraged them to feel one with their surroundings. Looking at the earth from the perspective of a forest, the kids observed so many beautiful sights and many of them said they felt at peace. While I was laying on the mossy rock, my mind started to think in poem form which I wrote down and read to the kids:

Water droplets glistening in the tree tops like twinkling stars in the sun light.
A thread of spider web floating way up high
What a mighty spider.
Bugs flying around creating all types of different patterns in between the tree tips.
Shadows playing on the leaves as clouds move swiftly over top.
Tree tops dancing in the wind
Supported by the floor I am laying on.
Melting into the moss
Feeling part of the bigger picture that is life.
The big, everlasting community
That we ALL share.

The theme of the CORE lessons this week have been based around community and working as a whole. I closed us out of the activity saying that we are all part of this bigger picture that we glimpsed in our Earth Windows today. We tend to separate ourselves from nature, but we are in fact a part of it. Nature and humanity and everything/one in-between are all part of a universal community. Because without nature, we would not have any resources to sustain life. Life is nature. We are nature. And that is why we are here as a conservation crew with the forest service, so conserve life in all of its glory. Hoping the kids feel inspired and open themselves up to life! I can’t believe I get paid to do this. Life is a beautiful blessing.


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