Fencing with Squatches Fencing with Squatches

Even Fencing Can Go On Your Resume

  • August 04, 2014
  • Posted by Dale Guynes

-already at the middle of the season, boy how time flies, seems just yesterday that we got our crew together and were headed out for our first hitch. Lots of hard work and laughs since then though, and we’ve certainly gotten a “pu pu platter” of work opportunities. We began with a fencing project with the BLM, which was an experience we could only convince our members that was rewarding after it was over. Building a fence around a mountain so it could be set on fire and keep cows from wandering too far and becoming burgers quite some time before they were destined to be. With fencing your satisfaction and pay-off increases everyday you stretch further and further, but nothing compared to when you can actually see the end, tie on the last clip and sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sawtooths. From there we traveled to Idaho, clearing an ATV trail which as it so happens was named the “Gary-Dale trail.” sawing and sawing, brushing and brushing, and at the end 4.5 miles had been cleared and the “Gary-Dale” was deemed complete and far better for recreationalists and their motorized steeds to enjoy. After our stint clearing trail for machines we got a hand at bettering trails for stock and humans alike, constructing drainage structures, fixing tread, and just getting out there and digging. A mile or so of water bars, re-tread, and crib walls later and we left it in the more than capable hands of the Kalispell crew, shout-out to the fearless leaders Britney and Jade. All-in-all we’ve really had a wide array of work, a lot of experience I keep telling our crew, even the fencing its something to put on a resume. To which they respond, I’m not so sure that I want people to see that I know how to build a fence on my resume… I might have to do it again. But its all valuable really. Down to the different users we benefit with our work, so far this year we’ve maintained trails in one way or another that are used by stock, bikes, ATV’s, humans using the “quads” that they were naturally given, and even cows. This kind of work is far from one sided, we’re not always going to be working on single path trails for the stereotypical hiker carrying their survival essentials on their back. This work and this program develops skills and provides experiences from multiple aspects of a spectrum. How to work with all types of people, how to communicate with all types of people, how to live with all types of people, hopefully providing an understanding for all types of people…and ATV’S and horses too.

Stay classy y’all!!

-Dale Guynes FCL 2014 WW


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