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First Hitch At Goose Bay!!!

  • June 10, 2014
  • Posted by Tiana Morris

The suspense of finding out our final crew was all solved when we all took off our blind-folds and looked around the car. Still one member short there was Haendel, Nick, Mallory,Me and of course our great crew leaders Kate and Homar, Aka Komar. AT first sight I wasn’t sure if we were a match but as we started our season together we bonded. Even more so on our first hitch at Canyon Ferry. Haendel told every, man walks in the bar joke, known to man and taught us the different bird calls. Homar shared his close call to fame. Kate was a “pandora” of songs. Mallory took us on a roller coaster ride and as for me, I enjoyed it all. But it wasn’t all play, we worked hard building fences at Goose Bay alone the shore-line to prevent ATV’s from driving onto that section and causing erosion of the land. Though at times it was testing we pulled together and worked as a team to problem solve. We took turns giving breaks and watched each others backs. We gave feedback when needed and listened to ideals. Some of our posts were easily defeated while other fought back but in the end we conquered eight or more fences. And on our last day we met our last crew member Chris who is the prefect addition to our now complete crew.


Tiana I love this!

Posted by Homar Maximiliano at June 14 2014

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Posted by Gabriel at July 23 2014

I don’t get it. Even if it was on sale to me it seems like you got it just because it’s isbeal marant. I dont mean to be rude but I have noticed that many bloggers, icluding you and especially Elin wear outfits and buy things that aren’t special in any way and cost tons of money. It almost sends a message that one can’t dress nicely without spending much money. Hope you are not offended it was not my point.

Posted by Katitlyn at July 27 2014

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