Freshmen on the Trails

  • May 14, 2017
  • Posted by Guest Blogger

On Wednesday, the Northern Rockies YCLs participated with The Whitefish Legacy for Freshman on the Trails. Although the day was challenging (nothing like 20+ high school freshman using tools for the first time,at the same time), it turned out to be one of the most rewarding days. To me, it was a reminder of why I signed up for the long days, the sometimes brutal weather, the smelly pits or the achy muscles. It was inspiring to see these young adults who thrive in a hands on environment, the ones who want to make a difference or even the ones who were just willing to participate. My heart was full for these kids, and I was reminded of my passion for youth in conservation. As the season starts I hope to remember what an honor it is to be a Youth Crew Leader for MCC. A honor to give these students the opportunity to serve.


I am sure camping with these young kids would have enthused with a new energy, reminded you of your own days as a youngster. Putting these kids through such an exercise makes them better prepared for the later life, they get a glimpse of the real world problems they may to face, to come and coordinate as a team, using common sense to solve problems and working hard.

Posted by Adam Sharpley at May 23 2017

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