Getting in to Butte and Great Falls

  • October 28, 2011
  • Posted by Mike and Erin

Hey guys!  Here in Helena, MT we’ve been having a blast the past few weeks weatherizing homes in Butte and Great Falls and meeting all sorts of wonderful, warm people. and now their homes are too!!!  It’s been a pleasure helping out the residents of Montana, as well as an eye opening experience.

All the people we met welcomed us into their homes without question, often offering us coffee, bananas, and cinnamon rolls, among other things.  Many of the people we helped out were incredibly grateful to us for the work we did for them; we were able to lend a hand in their time of need, and it was an incredibly rewarding experience for us. 

Like Barbara, a senior citizen who was not able to do this work herself.

She was so happy to have company, and we chatted about this and that with her almost more than the work we did.  When we left she gave us the aforementioned bananas and cinnamon rolls and they were DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!

Weatherization was like a window into the communities we work in, we got to know the residents on a personal level and really put into perspective all the work we completed during the field season.  In conclusion, watch out for cats hidden in bathrooms!!!!  Catch ya’ later.


Erin and Mike.

I don’t remember cinnamon rolls and bananas… the coffee I do. Maybe we were working on different houses.

Helen. (Your Team Leader.)

Posted by Helen at October 31 2011

Mike got cinnamon rolls and bananas the previous week. That lucky dude.

Posted by Erin at November 07 2011

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