Good Company

  • October 26, 2011
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    Alex Emick

Good Company 9/26/11
Good company along the North Fork of the Clearwater. Two MCC alumni now Forest Service trail workers joined us for our hitch this time in the woods. Which made it go by quick: Matt, the southern country boy, and Winston the motorcycle maniac. Working hard during the day doing retread, setting water bars, and collecting rock. Followed by good company hanging around the fire at night and joking around. Nightly mafia games resulted in full fledged, out right, finger pointing accusations. These boys had no idea they were dealing with a crazy bunch of hard working, Montana folk.
As the days are getting shorter and a little colder I find myself still ready for work. It might be the fresh bitterness that you wake up to in the morning. Could be the realization that hunting season is around the corner. Or the beautiful fall colors that carry on the ridgelines past the horizon. Right now it’s ideal working weather, not to cold and not to hot. The animals start moving around more and calling out at night. As a crew I think we are proud and content with what we have done so far this season. The hard sweat we left behind on the trail and the views we have experienced during our breaks. It was nice to have good company to share it with this hitch.


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