Have You Heard?

  • October 25, 2011
  • Posted by Miranda Lipes

“Have you heard about weatherization yet?” -  “Do we really get to stay in hotels?” - ” Will we be working around Helena so we can go home at night?” - “Who will we be working with?”

These, and many similar questions, were consistantly asked during the last month or so of our trail season… and have finally been answered in the last week.

Yes, we have heard about weatherization! We were trained by Seeley 2 Crew, who went to Bozeman for the original training during everyone else’s last hitch. We came into the office a-buzzin’ on Monday morning, excited for around thirty-five members and leaders to be reunited in the same (small) space, unsure what to expect that was to be the shift in our season. Seeley 2 had started our morning with a giant stretch circle, which took me back to the beginning of the season… no longer are we timid and awkward, though; we are rugged and skillful. After stretching, we were thrown into simulations involving window kits, foam insulation, caulking guns, and door stripping. We also took a peek at the brochures on energy efficiency that we were to present to educate the residents of homes. For the first time since May, I felt like my brain was on overload… but I was also overloaded with excitement - we get to interact with PEOPLE, in their HOMES? What an alteration from living and working outdoors, seeing solely the same seven persons for four months. We were ready.

For us in Central Divide (and maybe elsewhere), we do not get the luxurious experience that is a hotel stay during weatherization weeks. Considering that most hotels have continental breakfasts and cable, it’s safe to assume most of them are nicer than our own apartments. But this is not a total loss. We commute to and from mainly Butte and Great Falls, and get to reconvene with one another at the end of the day. Another plus is that our crews as we knew them have been switched around. We now work in crews of three, and they are mixed up from week to week, keeping us on our toes.

One week of training, two weeks of weatherizing, and before you know it, crew member graduation will present itself… We can all hardly believe it’s winding down, but weatherization has felt to be a pretty good transition for the end of our season.


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