Hearts Full & Heads Held High

  • June 08, 2017
  • Posted by Jay Schmidt

The rig was loaded
Tarps unfolded
Into the valley we went
With picks and shovels and grit and hope
We dug until we were spent

And then we went to camp again
To hear about our PLACE
Discussed in groups and collaborated
We discussed and made our pact

The third day was very rough
The winds blew hard and strong
With soaked hands and muddy boots
For the rain had fallen on us too
Our backs ached and our feet were glued
To the muddy trail where we refused to move

And on the fourth with blistered hands
And dirt from head to toe
Tired eyes and withered limbs
Onward we marched in row
From the fields whose trail we made
We walked with empty gaze
The trail was cut
Our work had but
Been a mere three and a half days
We came with hope and a bit of angst
And knew not but to try
We left with bodies who had grown older
Hearts full and heads held high


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