Introduction to Big Prairie

  • August 22, 2016
  • Posted by Zachary Dellorto-Blackwell

After our 30 plus mile trek we had blisters on our heels, numb toes, and farmer tans in full bloom. It was hot and we were exhausted, but as we crossed the packer bridge to our new home we realized it was worth it and we would probably be willing to walk even further to get here.

Big Prairie Ranger Station is a group of 20th century log cabins nestled on the South Fork River with views of Cardinal, Pilot, Packrat, Bulletnose, Brown Sandstone, and Jumbo mountains. There is access to world class fly fishing, dream backpacking trips like the Chinese Wall, and serene prairies of wild flowers.

It was our pleasure to rebuild parts of the coral. We sawed logs to size and axed out lap joints that we then hand-drilled. It is something that you would see on a field trip to a pioneer town but is daily life in the Bob Marshall. No motors allowed!

Replacing the hustle and bustle sounds of the city of Oakland, CA with the sound of wind in the trees, water rushing over rocks, and late afternoon calls of thrush lets me know it will be a good season back at Big Prairie with the MCC.


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