The invasive crews took a hitch to Northern Idaho this week, and camped in Hellsgate State Park outside of Lewiston, ID, on the banks of the beautiful Snake River. The week was full of informational lectures and applicable hands-on training from professors, scientists, and government/tribal employees. I have been in love with the geography of northern Idaho/Montana, but somehow I can’t seem to escape other parts. I fled school in Nevada and came to the heart of the continent for the summer, and my first hitch has me right back in plant classes - and in a casino no less. “Wait, did I really leave Nevada?” Anyway, I’ll take the lectures as they come, because once the workin’ starts, I’ll be begging for a day of free coffee and plant education in an air conditioned casino.

Highlights of the hitch included: bald eagle sighting, beautiful orange and cloudy sunsets, exploring a roadside cedar grove, crossing the Washington state border, seeing a roadkill bobcat up close, and loads upon loads of native/invasive plant information. Richard Old, a plant wizard and longtime professor in the area was enthusiastic and reminded me why I love to study plants.
Card games, hikes and hacky sack circles were an excellent introductory bonding experience for us weed warriors.

single cotyledon; parallel leaf venation; floral parts in 3’s. ex: grasses (Poaceae)

Dicots: two cotyledons; net leaf venation; parts in 4’s or 5’s. ex: broadleaf plants.

Success is Recovery:

A battle we can win. 
Designate time to clear your mind. 
Biological Agents. 
Natural Enemies, battle on the landscape. 
Oscillation of Effectiveness. 
Disrupt the Occupation and exercise patience. 
Backfire is part of the plan.


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