Cabin at Big Creek Cabin at Big Creek <p>Victoria, Kelsey, Chris H, and Adam clean up after burritos</p>

Just the Beginning

  • March 18, 2017
  • Posted by Guest Blogger

Today marks our first full week as Youth Crew Leaders with MCC. We got to spend most of the week at our cabin retreat in Big Creek where we played games, told stories, and bonded over burritos. The crew arrived at Big Creek on Wednesday where we quickly realized that cell reception was non existent and that it would be up to us to create our own entertainment. After learning how to filter water and chop wood, we went straight into creating our first meal together: burritos! During this time we learned that we had a shared love of Cholula.

After dinner, we started off the first night opening up to each other about the fears we had for the upcoming season. In this time we learned that we are already in the beginning stages of creating a support system for ourselves. We then had free time for the rest of the night so we were able to read, play card games, or engage in nerf battles. Day two started off with a stretch circle and quickly went into a lesson on giving and receiving feedback. We broke up the day with a ton of games and energizers to make sure we didn’t lose any energy. We were also able to open up about our life stories and the cornerstones that make us who we are. After dinner (chili!) we played a very heated game of Monster Battle. Each of us created a fictitious character and the powers they had. We then went head to head advocating for our monster until there was one monster standing.

On our last day we were able to embark on a hike. We discussed the importance of conservation and public lands while gazing out at the beautiful scenery Big Creek had to offer. After arriving back at the cabin we finished our lunch and went straight into creating a fluid contract that would be the basis for how we treat each other and how we react to situations. Overall, I would say that this was a very successful first week and cabin trip. We ended this trip a little tired, in need of a shower, and a lot closer to each other than anyone ever expected after just one week.


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