Krewlander: Season in Reflection

  • November 17, 2016
  • Posted by Guest Blogger

As we began our last week of the season, we were forced to reflect on moments past - looking at the individual and collective growth we experienced in the last five months. Not only had our beards and leg hair grown but so had our compassion for public lands. But what made the season so special? What were the moments we found most important in our time in Western Wildlands?

First, the range of projects took us from deep wilderness to historic cabins and even abandoned ski resorts. We were lucky to spend time on chainsaws - tearing the trail up - to historic preservation installing a new roof at Monture Guard Station just outside of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Backcountry hitches gave us the opportunity to find complete immersion in the natural world with the song birds, stoic trees, and over-friendly bears. We truly had an incredible array of work places.

Even beyond the work, this season gave us all the opportunity to find interpersonal growth. We began in May as complete strangers but over the course of weeks and months we developed strong bonds. We became weird with the woods and ourselves and found support from those around us.

But as this season comes to a close, one major question remains: what comes next? As we all go our separate ways, we hope to take the lessons learned this season wherever we go. Principles of environmental stewardship, civic engagement, and overall perseverance will serve us well as we undertake future endeavors, striving to make the world a better place.


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