Lake Como Illustration

Lake Como

  • March 10, 2016
  • Posted by Nyssa Prowell

The ink dark sky spills forth pools of glittering stars
I’m a single puff of breath under the vastness
Looking up the hill towards our cabin I hear faint echoes of laughter
Warm light hums from inside

The immensity and deafening stillness of the night
Contrasted next to the fullness of being in the good company of others
Shocks me into a state of gratitude
I take a deep breath

The fullness of the moment draws me in
Listening to the sounds of the icy lake crack and warp
Watching the twinkling sky
The occasional murmur of voices reverberating down the hill

And then I let the moment pass
Turning on the heal of my boot
I understand that Montana already has a piece of my heart
We’ve only just begun our season, but I’m happy to be exactly where I am.


Beautifully written, touches meaning and experience in my own life.

Posted by Virginia at March 20 2016

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