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  • November 28, 2016
  • Posted by Guest Blogger

As the seasons change and the temperatures begin to drop, Montanans begin to brace for the brutal winter ahead. For our second week of Warm Hearts Warm Homes, our crew drove up the North Fork Road looking for good firewood to split. We were excited to get our hands on some tools and dive into some hard work but saddened that we wouldn’t be seeing the direct impact of our work like we do with Warm Hearts Warm Hearts. 

The week prior we spent in Polson winterizing people’s homes. Each household we visited was as different from each other as they could get but all of them were so grateful for even the smallest bit of work. We didn’t expect to speak with anyone during our week working on the firewood project; however, as we began to unload our last day’s load of wood at North Valley Food Bank, a car pulled up.

A lady stepped out of the car, “So yous the one dropping off all this wood?” We all stopped and turned to speak to her.

She continued, “I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I think it’s great what you’re doing. This really helps us people with low income because it’s really expensive to heat our homes.”

As she talks to us, a man arrives and he helps us unload the trailer and the bed of the truck. He too is thankful for our work.

I’m grateful to finish off my season with such an impactful moment. It’s a reminder that we can all make a difference in people’s lives doing a variety of work. We might not see the impact directly but that doesn’t mean our work goes unnoticed. People are grateful for everything that we do. As we walk away from MCC, I hope everybody remembers that and sets out on a path to “get things done for America”.


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