MCC seeks veterans, who want to continue serving their country in the great outdoors, for the Veterans Green Corps program, a summer experience that combines service, public lands conservation, job skills training and education awards. This is the first-ever MCC crew dedicated solely to veterans.


To Whom It May Concern,
I a very interested in working out-doors, to enjoy the freedom of fresh air, hands on natural, fulfillment in helping others that is in need of saving their home;
To breath mother naturals surrounding is a dream in ones life time. To know what what green is all about, is to know what our forefather’s fought and die for; to be as the forest creatures are is so important to learn why this country is called America!

Posted by Ronald E. Hood at March 16 2011

My nature loving friends.

I am hoping to here from the Veterans green corps regarding this unique job for it is my delight in enjoying this great divercity in plants,wildlife,and magestic scenery that only can be found here in montana,I am hoping to here from you soon.

your brother in the woods.

James E Bentley

Posted by James E Bentley at April 18 2011

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