Meet MCC’s Historic Preservation Crew

  • June 16, 2015
  • Posted by Ruth Guthrie

Meet MCC’s Historic Preservation Crew
Crew Leader: Ruthie Guthrie
Crew: Tony, Meghan, Keegan, and Bridget

What made you choose to join MCC’s Historic Preservation Crew?
Tony: “it is a passion for bringing history back to life. Along with that, I am interested in learning how to use different tools to achieve and maintain a buildings historical status.”
Meghan: “…is in love with all things old. It all started with her love of ceilings and how they transform a room, but people rarely notice them.”
Keegan: “I enjoy preserving our past collective American identity in hopes to maintain an American ‘sense of place’.“
Bridget: “It is an opportunity to learn and practice bygone trades and craftsman skills to preserve the history of buildings. My passion is in architectural history and studying the vernacular building styles across America.”

And from Ruthie,“Hip, Hip, History! Historic preservation crew is new this year with MCC and we’ve gotten off to a great start! From our first week of cedar shingling on the historic Graves Home in Bannack State Park to the replacement of the timber log “sit rail” fence around the Snow Lodge at Old Faithful Village in Yellowstone. I’m super glad to bring my experience in historic preservation to the new MCC crew!”

Our MCC HP crew is ready for this season with projects planned all over the state of Montana and Wyoming. Our first project took place at Bannack State Park and the objective was to replace the old roofing of the building with cedar shingle that seamlessly blended into a state of arrested decay. We did not have the best weather to do roofing, so we did have more time to explore and enjoy the park buildings as we dodged thunderstorms. We are all excited to return later in the season to finish other projects there and visit our wonderful project sponser, Roger.

Currently, we are working several consecutive weeks in Yellowstone Park. The project consists of replacing the log ‘sit rail’ fence that encircles the buildings around Old Faithful Village. This has been a great opportunity so far to use many hand tools such as the cross saw, chisel, draw knife, and slick. We’ve made great progress so far, one lap joint at a time!


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