One of our hallowed venues One of our hallowed venues

Never Been in a Rock Band Before

  • September 28, 2015
  • Posted by Joseph Crook, Crew Leader

I’ve never been in a rock band, but my time with MCC sure seems like I’m in some type of “rock” band.  We go on tour almost weekly with our “instruments” such as the Pulaski, pick mattock, shovels, and if we are feeling adventurous with our sound, even chainsaws for good measure. 

We play to many different types of crowds.  Sometimes it’s just the larches, lodgepole pine and ponderosas.  Other times it’s the diverse western Montana wildlife such as the deer, grouse, chipmunks, moose, and the occasional grizzly bear, which we always give a shout out to: “Hey Bear!” 

However, I must say, things our “rock” band is quite humbled by, are the venues to which we get to bring our unique brand of music.  We’ve been quite fortunate enough (thanks to our tour manager back in Kalispell) to perform from the Cabinet Wilderness, Great Bear Wilderness, Beaverhead-Deer Lodge National Forest, at the doorstep of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, all the way to the top of Logan Pass in Glacier National Park, to many adoring fans. 

Our signature sound can be found in the subtle details, be it water draining off the trail properly, water flowing under a newly constructed bridge, the sound of boots hitting freshly dug trail, or the excitement of a concertgoer taking in the beauty of the surrounding venue landscape with their friends and family. 

Eventually the tour will come to an end, and the music may die down for just a bit, but until then the show must go on!


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