Novel Experiences Made Easy

  • June 09, 2017
  • Posted by Emma-Lea Harris

The first few weeks at MCC have been awash with activity. First orientation, then learning who our crews would be, to learning how to get along with each other or if we even would get along with each other, to hikes and making friends.

Amidst the swirl of never stopping, my crew and I were looking forward to a week together in a new area. We’d been through an orientation already, but with a change of scenery and orientation content, we were eager to see what else Montana would bring us. Not to mention it was a great time for us to get to know each other even more.

Orientation was also VERY busy, as expected. MCC, Forest Service, Fire Crews, etc. We were all bunched together and immediately began the undertaking of learning all we could in the span of time allotted to us.

It could be rapid-fire at times, and at times there was just so much to retain and remember and try to hone that it could get overwhelming for a single person.

Fortunately, that’s why they put us in crews.

Honestly my crew is going to be the best thing about this season, beautiful views and mountains notwithstanding.

Crews are essential for ensuring clear communication and having one that’s so easy to communicate to has been a huge stress relief. Together we were able to keep each other focused, but also we were able to give each other mental breaks when we started feeling overwhelmed.

I haven’t laughed as much with anyone as I have with my crew in the past two weeks. So while all of the information given to us at Spotted Bear is going to be incredibly useful and it’s a relief to know there’s dozens and hundreds of people out there to rely on if we need it; what was the greatest relief to have cemented was to know that come what may, these few people I’ve only just met are going to be a fantastic surrogate family.

Not only that, we’re part of an even bigger family within the MCC and AmeriCorps. When you’re going into the Wilderness for three months, like we are, that’s truly the biggest comfort to have at our backs.


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