NRock Crew #4; July Blog

  • August 24, 2015
  • Posted by Calysta Santacroce

Before coming to Montana with the MCC, the state already was a mecca for my family. Each summer we would load ourselves into the van and drive around the western half of the country visiting the national parks. We returned to Montana and Glacier National Park some five or six times; it’s beauty and the peace it brought us was incomparable to any other place we witnessed.

We tried one summer to remain in the midwest region, visiting the upper peninsula of Michigan as well as Minnesota. Although we appreciated the fraction of the time normally spent in the car to reach solace, the results were equal to the effort we gave. Needless to say we were disappointed and my mother spent the next year feeling as if she hadn’t fulfilled an annual homage for her soul.

While I’m still experiencing Montana from the backseat, as an adult I’m able to follow the navigation more closely and share the names and locations of our work sites with my family. What is truly amazing is the number of sites of which my family, as tourists, had never even heard. One such gem is the Jewel Basin where we spent two, four-day hitches. This area seemed unreal. It was as if each color was more vibrant than in any other place, the plants seemed to each have a character and the many lakes seemed to each have a soul in their depths. I felt like Alice in Wonderland among the fields of overgrown wildflowers where I encountered many as tall as myself. Few places that I have had the pleasure of visiting have displayed such an aura. It was truly an honor to contribute to others’ enjoyment of the Jewel Basin.


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