Part of Something Bigger Than Me

  • June 09, 2017
  • Posted by Tano Chidwick

I walked into MCC orientation early Monday morning, the first time in my life feeling like I was a part of something way bigger than me. Creases still fresh on my work pants and boots just broken in, I felt a mix of emotions stirring up. Excitement to be a part of such an eclectic group of characters from all over the country, and anticipation for the awesome summer to come, rising steadily as I learned more and more the awesome work we were going to be doing. I knew that out of this rag tag team of vagabonds and locals alike, I was meeting my future crew of seven or eight individuals. I was, and still am, beyond stoked to meet and get to know such quality, hardcore people.

The past week of keynote presentations and policy talks had us all itching to make some sawdust. Day one of crosscut training was finally here, so we packed up our tools after stretching our kinks out and headed to Grizzly trailhead with tunes bumping in the rigs and spirits high. Dylan and the crew leaders did a fine presentation on the crosscut basics, having us circling around different stations cutting cookies with a partner various different ways, not to mention swinging an axe. On day two, we were told a creek crossing was imminent, so we grabbed our sandals and hiked out to Welcome Creek with a bit of a hop in our step.

The air was buzzing with subdued excitement, everyone anxious to find some fallen trees and get our hands behind a saw to do some real work. Unfortunately the creek was too high and fast to cross, but, undaunted, we put our boots back on and hiked back to a different trail and got working. After a solid day’s work, we rolled back into camp. Brenna and Mike proceeded in making one of the best camp meals I have ever had in all my years of adventuring, and I‘m not just chalking it up to the exhaustion factor. They spent a good thirty or forty minutes dicing up veggies and preparing sauces, and our leader, Calvin, even scoured the ground for some natural delicacies, scoring a few tasty morel mushrooms. After about an hour, dinner was ready, a scrumptious coconut curry dish that they plan on making again next week.

After dinner, the good times just kept rolling with no end in sight. The following summer is an open book- of campfire stories, sore muscles, and laugh lines, and many sunrises and sunsets to come.


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