Crew walks down the prairie. This was by far our best day. Crew walks down the prairie. This was by far our best day. <p>Crew refils the dusters while watching a storm move in.</p>

Prairie Dog Dusting

  • June 28, 2015
  • Posted by Jeff McGowan

Last week our crew finished nine days of dusting prairie dog holes in the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. Some of us (including myself) were a little confused and what exactly we were doing by dusting the holes. However when we met our project partners Monday afternoon, they presented us a detailed slide show of what exactly we were doing. Late that afternoon, we drove out to our work site under Snake Butte and got a quick run down on the project and what to do such as the dusters, flagging, GPS, and which holes were owl holes.

Tuesday morning we began our project; we had two flaggers marking our way, one person on GPS keeping track of distance, all seven of us dusting, and our dusters slowly quitting on us one by one. Early in the week we had some minor issues with spacing, communication, and frequent rain delays. However by the end of the week through improved communication, flagging methods, a few days better understanding, Lucas’ enthusiasm, and games we played to pass the time, we ended up covering a lot of ground, dusting a lot of holes, and feeling very good about our work in the field and as a crew.

Despite the rain delays early on, thousands of mosquitoes, the frequent humidity, we had a very good hitch and we got to know ourselves better as a crew, not to mention by the end of the hitch we had only one working duster left, yet that didn’t seem to bother anybody.


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