Shaking in My Boots

  • March 06, 2012
  • Posted by Sara Schmidt

Because this event occurred later in the month, it sticks out most in my mind. On February 24th, I made a presentation to about 40 attendees at the ServeMontana Symposium in Helena. Although Gary was supposed to accompany and perform the majority of the presentation, he needed to attend to family matters back home in Illinois and left it in my hands. None of the other Executive Board members were able to attend either. I told them all I was “shaking in my boots,” but they all reported back that they had utmost confidence in me. Anyway, I used one of Gary’s past presentations and it went very well. What struck me the most was how easy the knowledge and anecdotes flowed. I was relieved to realize that after 4 months, I know more about how the complex organization functions than I thought. 

Sara Schmidt
Big Sky Watershed Corps AmeriCorps member at Blackfoot Challenge


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