A game of dizzy bat during the Spotted Bear Olympics A game of dizzy bat during the Spotted Bear Olympics <p>Crosscut training</p>

Spotted Bear Orientation

  • June 10, 2017
  • Posted by Brittany Erickson

During the first week of June, three MCC crews went through orientation up at the Spotted Bear Ranger Station. The majority of the week we went through meetings with the U.S. Forest Service and discussing the importance of safety, the history of Spotted Bear Ranger District, and what to expect for the season. These meetings were to help prepare us before they turn us loose into the wilderness for our first hitch. We got familiar with the pack mules that we will be using to pack our equipment and went through crosscut training. During some of the evenings we had the annual Spotted Bear Olympics and the barn dance. During these events there was nothing but great conversation, laughter, and smiles. The week was full of education, fun, and preparation for our first hitch.


From the Parker Court gang to you, happy 4th of July Brittany!!! We all just had some of Cathy and Leila’s delicious food and are thinking of you.


Posted by Gus Buckman at July 04 2017

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