Summing Up the Season

  • October 14, 2011
  • Posted by Kevin Bissett

For me, I can sum this season up in one word. Meheheheheheheheehehh. (That’s how I spell the noise a goat makes. How do you spell it?)  From beginning to end we have been turning our feet into little goat hooves.  In my opinion a goat is always trying to get on top of things, and this is exactly what we did.  Although our hitches haven’t required us to backpack insane distances, we have taken it upon ourselves to hike as much as wecan as far as we can and as high as we can in our spare time.  We have hiked to so many amazing places. Places where only goats should place their calloused hooves. Sunset rock in the Clearwater, unnamed peaks high up in Nine Mile, West Pintler Peak (the highest point in the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness), and trails left untouched by man for decades in the Saw Tooth and Roaring Lion Canyons.  These places off the beaten path are what have been the most special to me this season.  And I got to experience these places with a special group of goats. 

A long grueling hike is a fair metaphor for a season of service with the MCC.  There are times when it really sucks and we hurt and sweat and doubt that we will ever make it.  However, when we do make it, and take a look around at what we’ve just hiked over and all that we have to hike to in the future, it is all worth it.  The pain, the strife, the rain, the cold, the horseflies, the mosquitoes, the Michelin Man hands, the knees twisted on the latrine, the bumps, the bruises, the loppers elbow, and whatever else sucked at the time will all be an afterthought.  All that will remain is a memory of a great summer we spent in Montana (and Idaho) as goats.  Meheheheheeeheheheheheheheheh!!!!


Tina Cherland - Jes   I don’t think I could possibly LOVE these any more!!! You did an awseome job, which is not an easy task with us.  THANK YOU a million times over!! I can’t wait for the wedding! (Sorry about the excessive exclamations points   but that is how excited I am)!!

Posted by Les at December 28 2012

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