Sweaty Mushrooms and July snow

  • August 19, 2016
  • Posted by Megan Hazen

Try as we might, our crew can’t come up with a catchy nickname that outlasts “Sweaty Mushrooms.” The origin story of Sweaty Mushrooms is not interesting: we had a package of mushrooms on one of our first hitches that became sweaty by the time we used them for a dinner. But the name has staying power; maybe because we are usually sweaty and very earthy, like mushrooms.

Anyway, we just finished our second 9-day backcountry hitch in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest near the small town of Wisdom, MT. We put in a total of 32 rock water bars and 11 drain dips in the Odell Mountain trail. Thankfully, Bob Hutton (forest service) was there to pack our tools and gear in and out on his horses (and he bought us coffee! Bob’s the man).

Our first 9-day hitch at Odell Mountain was a test of flexibility, endurance, and mental strength. Our first obstacle was an ungodly amount of mosquitos. There were at least 2 mosquitos on Justin’s forehead at all times. We persevered thanks to a large mosquito net-tent at camp, but morning and afternoon stretch circles were stressful experiences. Then came the thunderstorms. Then, it snowed approx. 5 inches overnight (in JULY, people!!). Crispin and Aaron built a huge campfire, we made a snowman, and tried to keep as dry and warm as possible. The snow melted (kind of) by the next day, so we returned to our rock water bars.

Our second hitch went more smoothly, it was beautiful and sunny the entire time, we hiked to the top of Odell Mountain and saw freaking amazing views of mountain ranges surrounding us, and we are now rock water bar professionals (there were still a lot of mosquitos, though). The Sweaty Mushrooms killed it! Special shout out to Zatarain’s for giving us 500% of our daily value of sodium. Dirty rice, anyone?


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