Tasty Traditions

  • August 14, 2014
  • Posted by Kasia Kieleczawa

Weed spraying is certainly not the most glamorous work. However, when you have a good crew to work for it has its moments. My crew was on our second weeds hitch in Yellowstone, a task that seemed like it might stretch out forever. On our third day, we were walking through thermal features, careful of our footing for fear of falling in and ending up like one of those scary posters near Old Faithful and Mammoth. It was hot and hard to escape the sun. The regen was thick in places and we all had needles in our hair. The group split up, with one of our leaders and a member of the Resource crew leaving us. We were working around these cool looking (not feeling) pools, just spraying away. We finished our task and went to meet up with the other two. To our surprise we found them heating up tomato soup and grilled cheese. And they were next to an awesome spring that was fittingly enough tomato soup red. It was a great treat, and I’m glad they shared that tradition with us.


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