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Team Jianzi’s first Hitch in Yellowston

  • June 28, 2015
  • Posted by Jeremy Aaron

The unexpected adventures continued for team ‘Jianzi’, an MCC field crew from the greater Yellowstone region. Being our first hitch in Yellowstone for a crew out of the Greater Yellowstone region, the crew was extremely psyched to work in such a famous and beautiful National Park, especially for the crew members who hadn’t seen the park before. While we had anticipated working on boardwalk maintenance in the Norris area of the park, we arrived to discover this project was not quite ready to be started and that we would be working on fence maintenance (painting/staining wooden sit-rail fencing) in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Grand Canyon! Are we in the wrong state? No, this isn’t Arizona. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is an amazing sight indeed, boasting several waterfalls throughout it’s 24 mile and 1000 foot deep gorge. Working on the rim trails of such an amazing spot was certainly a welcome privilege for the crew, despite gradually staining all of our uniforms with brown paint and withstanding the same cheesy jokes and comments from passerby tourists like, “missed a spot”, “ you sure chose the right color pants”, and “ever heard of a guy named Tom Sawyer…”.

Although this may not have been the rough and tough physical labor we were looking to break ourselves into early in the season, retrospectively I’m sure we will appreciate how easygoing the work was and how nice it was to be able to easily socialize and play contact with your co-workers in close proximity. As an added bonus we did get one day of trail work closing social or unofficial trails and defining the hinge of the tread (where the slope of the hill meets the trial).

And last but not least, as one might suspect, we were treated to an array of stunning wildlife including bison who strolled right through our camp on a regular basis, osprey nesting in the canyon, three juvenile bears (two from the road and one in camp), a family of marmots, or as one crew member likes to call them Mar- Motts, and a pack of nearly 50 elk whose morning cries sounded like some sort of laser gun going off in the distance.

Despite the work not being quite what we expected our crew had an amazing time working in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and will be looking forward to our next opportunity to work in this amazing National Park.


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